Niftiness Afoot!

Hello, fellow humans!

I’m Matthew Smith—a front-end web developer living in beautiful Brooklyn, New York. Through my storied career I’ve built features, pixels and clicky things for some of the world’s tiptop brands.

What I really want to do is help people tell stories.

What I’m Looking For

I’m looking for roles helping people create content and tell stories. That might be roles in social media, building tools, or content monetization.

What I’m not looking for

Cryptocurrency is top of my no thank you list. I believe the flaunting of regulation and the wild cash-grabbing nature of it has turned a decent idea into a scam-riddled industry the likes of pyramid schemes and robocalling.

Healthcare features too many startups focusing on vitamins and hair loss. Not to mention the current, unviable state of the American healthcare system.

Consumer Analytics startups are too prevalent and provide so little differentiating value from one another in an industry of ever-shrinking personal privacy.

Matthew Smith Builds the Snazziest Web Content

I build things that toggle…

…things that dance…

…and even things that ding!


But it’s not all fun and games.

Front-end sits in traffic squarely in the intersection of art and science. People might love a novel button toggle, but what they really love is discovering needed content, fast-loading sites, and working, intuitive widgets.

Fortunately, I build all that too. My stylesheets are modern poetry. My JavaScript is fast, clean, and performant. My HTML is semantic and accessible.


Accessibility’s a big component of the modern web. As we enable greater ranges of abilities, it’s crucial our stories be heard, seen, or felt by everyone who wants to experience them.

The magic part? Accessibility benefits everyone. Forms become more usable. Images gain more context. Video becomes easier to watch.

I’m a big, big fan of subtitles and closed captioning. At Disney Streaming, I even reintegrated the captions for ESPN+ to incorporate a variety of styles and preferences right in their proprietary video player.

There’s a lot of power built right into the browser. I rolled some custom subtitles to show you.

Matthew Smith Plays Well With Others

A great web team’s assembled with skills and experiences across a spectrum of careers. Great team members interface with all of them.

How I work with…

Project Management

I give realistic, timely estimates. I’ve written enough code to know what’s quick and what’s not and I won’t sugarcoat either side. When problems arise, you’re the first to know and I keep my updates to the point.

Quality Assurance

Bugs happen, and I’m delighted when you find mine. I write unit tests to minimize the easy bugs and I write clear acceptance criteria so we’re all on the same page for more complex features. We’ll collaborate deep to hammer out the stubborn bugs.


Product’s my bridge from stakeholders to the devs I lead. Product and I set the project’s direction and the two of us know what we’re building and how. With my technical knowledge and experience I’ll help you identify technical issues in defining requirements early on so we don’t run into issues mid-dev cycle.


A colleague once said of me Matthew’s basically the ultimate emcee when presenting my team’s innovations at the annual Disney Streaming summit. I translate geek into clear, succinct status updates and I’m always happy to present to a boss— or a boss’ boss.


I’ve been using Photoshop longer than I’ve been building web sites. I value good typography and healthy whitespace. We’ll have plenty of discussions and helpful feedback sessions to ensure your comps get executed as envisioned. I’ll never think the logo needs to be bigger.

Digital Strategy

Mapping pages, events, and properties is a constant dance and we need solid data to not only measure, but experiment against. I’ll help you capture what needs tracking and help set up a variety of tests to ensure we’re at peak SEO and maxiumum ad dollar return.